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China comprehensively


Name                                                       Seat of Government     

Beijing Municipality                                                 Beijing      

Tianjin Municipality                                                 Tianjin

Hebei Province                                                       Shijiazhuang

Shanxi Province                                                      Taiyuan

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region                        Hohhot

Liaoning Province                                                   Shenyang

Jilin Province                                                          Changchun

Heilongjiang Province                                              Harbin

Shanghai Municipality                                             Shanghai

Jiangsu Province                                                      Nanjing

Zhejiang Province                                                    Hangzhou

Anhui Province                                                        Hefei

Fujian Province                                                        Fuzhou

Jiangxi Province                                                       Nanchang

Shandong Province                                                  Jinan

Henan Province                                                        Zhengzhou

Hubei Province                                                        Wuhan

Hunan Province                                                        Changsha

Guangdong Province                                                Guangzhou

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region                       Nanning

Hainan Province                                                       Haikou

Chongqing Municipality                                            Chongqing

Sichuan Province                                                      Chengdu

Guizhou Province                                                     Guiyang

Yunnan Province                                                       Kunming

Tibet Autonomous Region                                         Lhasa

Shaanxi Province                                                       Xi'an

Gansu Province                                                         Lanzhou

Qinghai Province                                                        Xining

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region                                Yinchuan

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region                           Urumqi

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region                  Hong Kong

Macao Special Administrative Region                         Macao





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