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   Provinces of Laos



          Subdivisions                                  Capital

1        Attapeu                           Attapeu (Samakkhixay District)

2        Bokeo                            Ban Houayxay (Houayxay District)

3        Bolikhamsai                    Paksan (Paksane District)

4        Champasak                    Pakse (Pakse District)

5        Hua Phan                        Xam Neua (Xamneua District)

6        Khammouane                 Thakhek (Thakhek District)      

7        Luang Namtha              Luang Namtha (Namtha District)

8        Luang Prabang       Luang Prabang (Louangprabang District)

9        Oudomxay                      Muang Xay (Xay District)

10      Phongsali                        Phongsali (Phongsaly District)

11      Sayabouly                      Sayabouly (Xayabury District)

12      Salavan                           Salavan (Salavan District)         

13      Savannakhet                 Savannakhet (Khanthabouly District)

14      Sekong                           Sekong (Lamarm District)

15      Vientiane Capital          Vientiane City

16      Vientiane Province       Phonhong (Phonhong District)

17      Xieng Khouang             Phonsavan (Pek District)  

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