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"Dance-Forms' 75th International Choreographers' Showcase"


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Exploring an unlimited range of creative ideas 'Dance-Forms' 75th International Choreographers' Showcase' delivers a solid line-up of superb choreography.

Dance-Forms Productions will celebrate the International Choreographers' Showcase 24th Anniversary and 17 years of brilliant performances at the Fringe with a feast of stunning dance works by Choreographers from the U.S., Italy, Helsinski and the UK in a program shinning with originality and inspiration.

Brandon Lawrence, SOLOIST at Birmingham Royal Ballet, featured principal dance-artist with Dance-Forms Productions, MOVE IT 2018 Ambassador, and UK National Dance Awards “Outstanding Male Performance” Nominee will perform 'Time and Eternity' choreographed by Susana B. Williams in collaboration with the artist synchronized to Bahramji & Maneesh Moor electronic rhythms.

Legendary Dame Lucette Aldous AC, Prima Ballerina Assoluta at the Royal Ballet and the Australian Ballet returns to the stage to perform "Bliss" of "Né:Roi" choreographed by Ken Ludden to musical composition by Australian composer David Pyke.

World-class choreography by award-winning dance makers: Jenna Del Monte, Hayley Descavich, Aylin Eleonora, Ken Ludden, Mariuca Marzà , Hannah Myers, Susana B. Williams, Jin-Wen Yu and dancers: Isabel Esch, Molly Hodgson, Francesco La Macchia, Lyndsay Lewis, Avery Lincoln, Celina López, Palmer Mathews, Joseph Simons.

The five performances will be presented at Saint Stephens Theatre, 105 St. Stephen Street, EH3 5AB (Venue 166) as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from August 6 through 10, 2018, at 9:20 hours.

Tickets are on sale at


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