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The class will focus on practicing finger cymbals with several Arabic rhythms and will end the workshop with a short choreography.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact Kamellia

International Dance Festival - 19 Nov.-4 Dec.

Program & schedule ‘International Dance festival 2016 ‘

25 October – 4 December

Press conference 26 Oct 18.30 hrs

  • Wed 26 Oct at 19.30 hrs
  • Thurs 27 Oct at 19.00 hrs

I Bislacchi. Omaggio a Fellini by Artemis Danza, Italy @ 5  Floor Quartier Water Garden, The EmQuartier Shopping Complex.

  • Thurs17- Fri18 19.30 hrs

Highlight of Turkish ballet by Mersin State Opera and Ballet, Turkey @ Bangkok Art and Culture centre

  • AS IT FADES by T.H.E. company Singapore
  • AS IT FADES by T.H.E. company Singapore

@ Studio4th fl , Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Home by ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble, Malta

@ Studio4th fl , Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

  • Sat 26 At 14.30 hrs Young Choregrapher Showcase @ Studio 4th Fl BACC
  • Sat 26- Sun 27 Nov. at 19.30 hrs Three Airs by Park Na Hoon Dance company , Korea

@ Bangkok Art and Culture Centre ,

Eros and Psyche by CDCE- Compahia de Danca Contemoranea de Evora , Portugal

@Studio 4th fl , Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

  • Thurs 1 Dec- Fri 2 Dec. at 19.30 hrs  

Water by Miranda Chin Dance Company ,Hong Kong

@Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

  • Sat 3 at 13.30 hrs

Young talent stage @Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The production which collaboration between Dance Centre, school of performing Arts and Russian Embassy Ballet school.

Excerpts from “The Nutcracker” & Variety performances from Hip Hip to Russian Folk Dance.

#Dancelab final presentation of participants during 28 Nov.-2 Dec.

  • Sat 3 -Sun 4 at 14.30 hrs

Triple bill performance @ Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Humanity fading over time’  by 'prolific visionary production' Youth dance company Japan

Focus by COMPAGNIE KHAM france

'Spring of Innocence' by'prolific visionary production'

Vararom Pachimsawat, Director Dance Centre, school of Performing Arts

668 18545452

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide