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Dear Friends, Family and fellow Malaysian Art Supporters,

Hi, I will be having my 1st International Collaboration with two beautiful dancers Akane Hoshino (Tokyo, Japan) & Taissia Shupulnikova (Moscow, Russia) in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014 here at The KuAsh Theatre, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur on the 23 & 24 August 2014 (Sat & Sun), 8.30pm & 3pm.

I hope that you will come and support our program and welcome our international guest artists to some warm Malaysian hospitality as they are very excited as it will be their first time to Malaysia. This is not only a dance exchange but an exploration of new contemporary work which I will be choreographing together with Taissia & Akane for the show dedicated to WOMEN accompanied by two well known talented Malaysian musicians live :)

Please spread the word and


Tickets can be purchased through me:

E /

Alternatively: T +60163132221.




Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by Jenia Kasatkina (Amsterdam)

Organized by Michelle Jueney (Malaysia CID Member 15399)


Principal: Mr. Wong Fu Chook


Countertechnique provides tools for body and mind to deal with the deman­ding dance practice of the 21st century. It is a movement system to help the dancer think about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. Within a clear structure of exercises, the Countertechnique class thoroughly prepares the body for rehearsal and performance, enabling dancers to move bigger, more fluidly and more spatially, while becoming stronger and more flexible.

By continuously and sequentially directing and counter directing parts of the body through space, Countertechnique allows the moving dancer to work with an ever changing dynamic balance. This dynamic balance reduces the pressure on the overall body structure and can be changed at any given moment. The consistent use of the counter direction in all movements is key to the technique; both the awareness and application of this principle is trained throughout the Countertechnique class.

The Countertechnique theory is orga­nized around two principal notions: the ‘toolbox’ and ‘scanning’. The toolbox is the systematically organized collection of tools for body and mind with which Countertechnique works, often visualized as a virtual map that dancers carry with them. Scanning defines the process of dancers continuously and actively observing their mindset and body in order to choose the most appropriate tool(s) from the toolbox for the situation they find themselves in. Scanning allows dan­cers to make active use of the toolbox in their daily practice of training, rehearsing and performing.

In Countertechnique classes, dancers are introduced step-by-step to the va­rious tools – making sure, however, that the priority always lies with experiencing and enjoying the difference in moving, rather than first having to understand the tools intellectually. Classes are therefore very accessible, and can be taught to participants of all levels. Dancers are encouraged to be pro-active in discovering connections and solutions, to be less concerned with judging themselves and to work in a healthy way with regard to body and mind. Throughout the process dancers increasingly become their own teachers, allowing them to practice and progress even at times when a teacher is not available!

Countertechnique was developed by Anouk van Dijk throughout her twenty-five year career as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Over the last fifteen years, the knowledge and experience she gained – in constant dialogue with her dancers – was gradually transformed into a detailed theoretical system and a teaching method, which now together form the Countertechnique system.



Dear Friends & Dancers

We are excited to announce a very special opportunity for Malaysian dancers! On June 13-15, we will be hosting our friend and dance artist Paola Blanton, who lived in Malaysia from 2003-2009 and worked with us and other Malaysian dancers to establish the art of belly dance in this region. She has since moved back to Brazil, but continues to tour internationally each year to present her unique choreographies in world festivals such as WAMED Australia, IBCC Canada, Sphinx Festival Egypt, Theatrical Belly dance New York, UNESCO, and many others. Paola is also a contemporary lyrical dancer of Isadora Duncan technique and a pioneer of Balkan Gypsy Fusion.

We have selected four workshops from her repertory for dancers to choose from. Her Gypsy style is well-known the world over, and she will teach a Flamenco Fusion choreography along with a spirited Oriental Gypsy Karsilama. She will teach her famous theatrical sword dance, and finally, an energetic techno-club belly dance remix! She is an amazing teacher with a gift for making things comprehensible and accessible for all levels of dancer. Workshop space is limited; we suggest early registration.

Registration Fees for Workshop :

RM150 for any single workshop

RM250 for any two workshop

RM360 for any three workshop

RM400 for all four workshop with a Certificate

The Dates are 14 & 15 of June. On Friday, June 13, we are organizing a special World Gypsy Gala Showcase at Publika Square in Publika Mall, KL. There are fifteen performance slots open for guest teachers, troupes, or soloists. We invite you to participate in this great opportunity to publicly showcase your work to a large audience so we encourage you to sign up for both early while there is still availability.

***** Please contact Nancy Bakhshy at 012- 627- 0763, email and consult our facebook event page for updates on time slot availability.

Thank you.

The MEDA Team



Presenting "Wonderful Dance of Peace & Harmonious Coexistence" In conjunction with Lotus Sutra Exhibition 



演出将以乐捐方式索票入场。有意到场观赏《舞动和平共生妙旋律》观众朋友可以电联03-2144 8686以获得有关索取入场券的详情。更多资料,请浏览

Co-organized by Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) and The Institute of Oriental Philosophy, "The Lotus Sutra Exhibition: A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence" is happening at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM and the exhibition has achieved an outstanding amount of 40, 000 visitors since its opening on 15 February. In conjunction with this exhibition, the organizers invited our Managing Director, Mr Anthony Meh to create a commissioned production, performed by our Artistic Director, Mr Aman Yap and the dancers from Dua Space Dance Theatre, to present the core message of Lotus Sutra which is honoured as the most influential Buddhist scripture in history.

"Wonderful Dance of Peace & Harmonious Coexistence" is named after the core message of "Peace and Harmonious Coexistence" from the Lotus Sutra. The piece will take its stage on 26 April (Saturday), 27 April (Sunday), 3 May (Saturday), 4 May (Sunday) and 10 May (Saturday) at Auditorium Wisama Kebudayaan SGM. Before every performance, Mr Anthony Meh will conduct a pre-show sharing with the audiences about his creation at 7.30 pm and proceed with the performance at 8.30 pm.

For those who are interested of the performance, the entrance pass is available through donation. You may contact 03-214408686 for enquiry. For more information, please visit


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide