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August 17, lecture demonstration, Keio University, Tokyo
18, performance SU-EN and Tamano, venue to be confirmed, Tokyo 
20+21, SU-EN workshop, Oga city, assistant KAI-EN
23, SU-EN, Waguri and Tamanos, performance, Dairyuji Temple, Oga city
22-26 Waguri and Tamano´s workshop, Oga city
24-26 Visiting project in Oga city, assistant KAI-EN
27, presentations in Oga city of workshop participants and SU-EN presentation of Visiting project
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New Perspectives on Hijikata’s Ankoku Butoh ’15 (Akita, August 20-27, 2015)
Workshops and performance-demonstrations with Waguri Yukio, SU-EN and Hiroko and Koichi Tamano in Oga Peninsula (Akita Prefecture). 
This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the landscape and spirit of Hijikata’s hometown Oga city in Akita. The events take place in Dairyūji Temple and the Former Oga municipal Kamo Aosa Primary School. Cheap group accommodation for a limited number of participants is available, so please book early to avoid disappointment! We hope for participants from the local community, the rest of Japan, and the world! All ages, experience levels, and nationalities are welcome.

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Please also check out the Psi Conference in Aomori:

This dance project was originally realized in 2006 together with musician Amit Sen and has been tried out in villages and cities in Sweden and US. The dancer and assistants knock on a door, asks the person living or working there if we can come in and do a short dance. If they agree, we ask which room or space is good to use and if we can video tape and photograph. If they decline 
we move on. Many interesting meetings will take place and the definition of the performance space and rules are challenged.

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide