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INVITATION FROM ITALY :  "  The Child and Folklore 2016  " international folkmeeting of young people. 22th 23TH 24TH APRIL 2016

( A continuación abajo encontrará LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL , e nella parte in basso l'invito in lingua Italiana )Dear Folk friends
Federazione Italiana Tradizioni Popolari ( F.I.T.P. ) is the best important organization in Italy with more 500 ensemble folk groups members.
There will be one big happen in Italy,  in the days 22th 23th 24th APRIL 2016
into the city of RAVENNA  near VENEZIA  . 

In the splendid setting of the RASI theater, Ravenna city of art and culture, city of mosaics, an ancient city that 1600 years ago was capital three times the Western Roman Empire, of Theodoric king of the Goths, of the Byzantine Empire in Europe. The magnificence of that period has left Ravenna with a great heritage of monuments: there are 8 buildings which have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.We will be assist, by always, of  I.G.F. - I.O.V. - UNESCO - EFCO, the City Council .We would like to invite your ensemble folk group or school to:
  international folklore festival  “ IL FANCIULLO E IL FOLKLORE “  32° edition meeting for young people. ("The Child and Folklore").And in connection announce a short-film competition  11° edition.
Ethnographic documentary on theme:  " FIRE ANDFLAME "The competition matched the Exhibition "The Child and Folklore" is reserved for Elementary and Secondary Schools 1st Grade  and folklore Groups, sensitive to the knowledge of the specific values of the tradition of places.
- This year has the theme " FIRE" costume, clothes, crafts, songs, music and environments, and gives priority to "field research" as a serious recovery on set.
- The short-film, presented exclusively in DVD format, will be for a period not exceeding 15 ' minutes and not less than 8' minutes and must be complemented by a report described relatively transcription of texts and translation of the vernacular into Italian or English lenguage.-  Translation in English or Italian showed on screen text, or in accompanied relation.- The short-film should also be related by duly completed information sheet, 2 photos of the class or group work and one or more pictures from the video (20x30 format).- An outside Commission (chaired by the heads of the Department of Culture) the FITP will watch videos and award the following prizes:
1st Prize: Euros 1000,00
2nd Prize: Euros 800,00
3rd Prize: Euros 500,00
Special Prize “AVELLA” for best performance.
Special Prize IOV-ITALIA V.I.C.T. Tradictional and Cultural Identified Value for clothing   .Special Prize : Euros 800,00  - to Professional SHORT-FILM, presented by : UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE, CULTURAL CENTER, FILM STUDIOS, separated from folk group .All participants will be given certificates of participation.The Film work will be screened during the event "The Child and Folklore" and should be sent no later than  10th APRIL  to : mr. BENITO RIPOLI,   PRESIDENTE FITP - VIA SAN NICOLA 12. , 71013 SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO (FOGGIA)
tel. 0882.441108 email

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