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"The 15th Edition of the Vancliffen"Attilas Akilas Silvester" Ballet Competition for Young Talents and Groups will be held in Ginosa (TA), Italy from March 29th-31st,2019 with Gala performance finale and prizes. For more information please see our website :"
Vancliffen Arts Foundation, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
is a Non Profit and Charitable Canadian Federal Organization for the ARTS
Tel. 905 458-0753                M E M B E R  of  C I D - U N E S C O





Spettabili maestri, con grande piacere, vi invitiamo alla competizione OPEN che si terrà' a Giovinazzo il 01/02/2015 nel Palasport zona 167. Nele seguenti discipline:balli di gruppo in tutte le categorie, liscio, ballo da sala, danze standard, danze latino americane, danze argentine, danze caraibiche tutte le classi e categorie con programma libero. Come compenso ai club partecipanti verrà' riconosciuto il 30% sommando le quote di iscrizione. Augurandovi un buon lavoro distinti saluti ASA  BLUE  MOON  DANCE





"The Child and Folklore 2015" international folkmeeting of young people. 24th 25TH 26TH APRIL 2015

Dear Folk friends
Federazione Italiana Tradizioni Popolari ( F.I.T.P. ) is the best important organization in Italy with more 500 ensemble folk groups members.
There will be one big happen in Italy,  in the days 24th 25th 26th APRIL 2015
, into the city of VIESTE  in PUGLIA region  .  The Lodge will be in hotels . whith TV, wc, and bathroom in bed rooms, with hot water for 24 hours.
All hotels are BEST quality choices, with restaurant, café, halls .

We will be assist, by always, of  IGF - I.O.V. - UNESCO - EFCO, the City Council .

We would like to invite your ensemble folk group or school to:
  international folklore festival  “ IL FANCIULLO E IL FOLKLORE “  31° edition meeting for young people. ("The Child and Folklore").

And in connection announce a short-film competition  9° edition.
Ethnographic documentary on theme:  " THE WATER "

The competition matched the Exhibition "The Child and Folklore" is reserved for Elementary and Secondary Schools 1st Grade  and folklore Groups, sensitive to the knowledge of the specific values of the tradition of places.
- This year has the theme " WATER" costume, clothes, crafts, songs, music and environments, and gives priority to "field research" as a serious recovery on set.
- The short-film, presented exclusively in DVD format, will be for a period not exceeding 10 ' minutes and not less than 8' minutes and must be complemented by a report described relatively transcription of texts and translation of the vernacular into Italian or English lenguage.

-  Translation in English or Italian showed on screen text, or in accompanied relation.

- The short-film should also be related by duly completed information sheet, 2 photos of the class or group work and one or more pictures from the video (20x30 format).

- An outside Commission (chaired by the heads of the Department of Culture) the FITP will watch videos and award the following prizes:
1st Prize: Euros 1000,00
2nd Prize: Euros 800,00
3rd Prize: Euros 500,00
Special Prize “AVELLA” for best performance.
Special Prize IOV-ITALIA V.I.C.T. Tradictional and Cultural Identified Value for clothing   .

Special Prize : Euros 800,00  - to Professional SHORT-FILM, presented by : UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE, CULTURAL CENTER, FILM STUDIOS, separated from folk group .

All participants will be given certificates of participation.

The work will be screened during the event "The Child and Folklore" and should be sent no later than  15TH APRIL  to : mr. BENITO RIPOLI,   PRESIDENTE FITP - VIA SAN NICOLA 12. , 71013 SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO (FOGGIA)
tel. 0882.441108 email

 If you accept the conditions and term please inform us very urgently  .

Festival Conditions:
1.      As you notice, Organization fee is per person 100,00 Euros totally (this cost is including staying at the residence and three meals daily, for 24th APRIL lunch  till 267th APRIL lunch  ).
2.   You will pay this cost to F.I.T.P. organization member 80% when you arrive to the festival area at the first day of the festival. And before for reservation 20% of total  previous in bank account.
3.      All groups will stay in hotels whith TV, wc, and bathroom in bed rooms, with hot water for 24 hours. All hotels are best quality choices, with restaurant, café, halls .
4.      All groups are required to arrive with their expenses to the festival area before 10:00 on Friday 24th APRIL
5.      All groups are requested to leave the hotel after lunch on SUNDAY 26th APRIL
6.      will be possibility to sarrive before or stay more days.
7.      Committee requests each group to bring two flags of their country together with some presents (min 3 pcs) for the present exchanges .
8.      All travel expenses belong to the groups, from/to their country to Italy  will pay to the groups themselves .
9.      Groups dancers ages, must not to be older than 18 YEARS OLD, ( or young with a lot of adult group mix).
10.   Groups will be able to sell their handcraft and souvenir too ,we will provide them small stand.
11.   The performances will take place in theatre or in central festival area.
12.   All groups are required to perform for 5, OR 10  minutes with live music or cd playback.
Please do not to be late your answer, after your confirmation I will send you the application form , you just fill up and send it immediately with attachment file send your reservation within the 31 march 

Pay a deposit of 20% on the entire amount due as deposit on booking hotel to bank account

Of course F.I.T.P. member will be with you during the festival period.
 each group must bring with them an interpreter to speak in English or Italian language.

If you are interested to come earlier before festival to stay more days in ITALY , our organization is always will be ready to make some reservations for your group too.

We need information about show exhibition of your group and photos for press, we need your dance and song description,  if you have internet web site please give to me the WEB address.

I hope all this is clear, please do not feel any hesitate if you want to learn whatever you want from us. I would like to remind you once more, there are too many groups interested with this festival  please do not be late ,inform me  very urgently.
you will be welcome in Italy, and I hope, that you’ll be lots of joyful memories about  the International Festival and Italian peoples.

tel. 0882.441108 mobile phone +39-392-4469426   e-mail


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide