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XIII - International Folk Fest 2017- Sardinia - Italy - From July 28 to August 7, 2017

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1Terms of participation application form 2017 5 2

Percorso Professionale di Danze Gipsy del Rajasthan & Kalbeliya


 Folk Dance Festivals - Sestu Uta Sinnai






SESTU – UTA – SINNAI - from July 24 to August 03, 2015

I hereby declare that all statement made in this application are true complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. In order to participate to the “International Folk Fest- Sestu” “Ballus - Uta” “Festival Internazionale del Folklore - Sinnai” I also declare to accept the following terms and conditions:

1. Round-trip from native countries to Cagliari/Elmas airport will be at each guest group charge;

2. Only for guest groups arriving by flight to Cagliari/Elmas airport, a free bus is available for transfers to and from the Cagliari/Elmas airport and to and from the festival locations. For guest groups who choose some arrival airport different from Cagliari/Elmas, transfer to and from airport will be at their own charge;

3. For Guest groups arriving by their own bus, no vehicles will be provided by the festival organization;

Board and Lodging

1. Accommodation is arranged in a modern school, in rooms containing up to 10 beds, with clean shared bathrooms. Bedrooms and bathrooms are both divided between male and female;

2. Three meals are provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner with beverage included), and served in the school canteen as self-service;

Fees and contribution (Select whether you arrive by bus or by flight)

Entry is restricted to a maximum field size of 30 members for each guest group; The groups who really need to bring more than 30 members, must not exceed 10 members more;

 Groups arriving by their own bus have to pay a contribution of € 10 a day for each member of the group up to 30 members; € 20 a day for each member of the group over the required number of 30;

Bus Drivers (up to 2 drivers for each group) will not pay any contribution.

 Groups arriving by flight   have to pay a contribution of € 15 a day for each member of the group up to 30 members; € 30 a day for each member of the group over the required number of 30;

The groups must pay the total amount of contribution in the following way:

-           30% of total amount not later than January 31, 2015;

-           the remaining 70% not later June 01, 2015.                                

No refund is provided for all that concerns the festival;

Festival Performances

The festival will have a duration of 10 days from July 24, 2014 to August 3, 2015;

Music must be performed with live musicals instruments ;                            

Groups performances must be included in a range of 15 - 40 minutes;

Performances will be performed in various locations so, total number of kilometers traveled within 10 days of our festival will be about 1.200. The festival program may be modified at the discretion of the organization at any time during the festival.

The performances will always take place late in the afternoon so, usually, no performances are scheduled in the morning (except maybe for 2 mornings). So guests people may use their time freely and, if they decide for some short trip through Sardinia, a guide can be provided for free by the festival organisation. As well as, for groups who doesn’t have their own vehicle, a bus can be booked by the festival organisation but the rental will be charged to that guest group.


Required documents

The groups must confirm their participation not later than 30 November 2014, resending this form by email carefully filled, signed and scanned in PDF o JPG format, adding also 3 photos of the group, his history of the group and a short clip of the group.

The groups will have to wait to receive both the Official Invitation by the festival organisation and dates of bank account to pay the festival contribution;

The sending of the official invitation to groups is at the discretion of the organization the festival.

The following mail addresses are available for further information regarding our Festival:   or


Pierpaolo Angioni – President

Video di Wojciech Skiślewicz


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