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Matera (MT)



24-25 Giugno 2019
Auditorium Gerrasso Matera
Organized by ASD Oltredanza - Progetti in movimento
Diretto da Rossella Iacovone

On Monday 24th June the students of the propaedeutics will perform giving life to a show animated by the soundtracks of the most famous Disney classics, in which the children, with the help of stage objects will tell, through the dance game, the plot of their favorite animated cartoon films.

Tuesday 25 June the beginners and intermediate / advanced students will combine genres and dance techniques in a single performance using film soundtracks of different genres such as Yellow Thriller, Comedy, Action, History, Drama-Love and Adventure.


Date : 20 June 2019

Time : 09.00-14:00

Place : ASD Oltredanza di Matera
Via Pentasuglia 18
IT-75100 Matera

Information : +39 340 965 0228



The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide