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Tel Aviv

Праздник творчества и искусства


С 3 мая по 06 мая 2018 г. на восточном побережье Средиземного моря в городе Тель-Авив, Израиль пройдет Международный фестиваль-конкурс искусств Fiestalonia Israel.

Конкурс проводится при поддержке Международного Благотворительного фонда Владимира Спивакова, выдающего дирижёра и виртуозного скрипача.
Фестиваль Fiestalonia Israel обещает стать впечатляющим и незабываемым праздником творчества и искусства, благодаря большому числу всемирно признанных специалистов в области хореографии, вокала и музыки. Fiestalonia Milenio давно зарекомендовал себя как европейский организатор престижных конкурсов-фестивалей в мире искусств.
Fiestalonia #Israel обогатит яркими эмоциями и впечатлениями, а также подарит бесценный опыт всем его участникам. Мы приглашает всех желающих окунуться в творческую атмосферу фестиваля и познакомиться с достопримечательностями удивительной страны

Fiestalonia Milenio
Av. Vila de Blanes 161-169 , Lloret de Mar (Girona), Spain, 17310
Tel: +34 972 376550
Tel/ WhatsApp :+ 34 688 276 248 
Skype:  Fiestalonia

Welcome to Israel!

Fiestalonia Israel includes an educational component in which the best international experts in the field of choreography, vocal and music are involved. In addition to the competitive and educational program, participants will visit Jerusalem and touch the shrines. The competitive viewing will take place in Tel-Aviv - the most eclectic of all cities in Israel. A city where modern skyscrapers along the Ayalon highway coexist with one-two floors buildings of the first half of the 20th century. The rich areas of the northern part of Tel Aviv - with the slums of the old Tahany Merkazit (city bus station), hotels and pubs of the coast of the  Mediterranean sea - with offices of business and technological centers. Our guests have a unique opportunity to plunge into this unique atmosphere of the city and enjoy the versatility of this "capital of the Mediterranean cool" - according to the newspaper "The New York Times", as well as visit the most important institutions of science and culture: Tel -Aviv University, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Diaspora Museum, Kh. N. Byalka House Museum and many others.

Fiestalonia Milenio
Av. Vila de Blanes 161-169 , Lloret de Mar (Girona), Spain, 17310
Tel: +34 972 376550
Tel/ WhatsApp :+ 34 688 276 248
Skype:  Fiestalonia





Dear Friends

Hope your summer is great & joyful

We are happy to let you that we are in the process of revealing a new creation... the new piece is for four male performers and to the music score of the THE RITE OF SPRING
 It will premiere during 2017 sep-oct at the Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv
We are also thrilled to share with you our exciting schedule for this month

Coming up this month:

 COME JUMP WITH ME July 10-11-12 American Dance Festival, at the Nasher Museum, North Carolina, the U.S.

MASTER CLASSES July 12 American Dance Festival, North Carolina, the U.S.

MASTER CLASSES July 18 Rutgers Summer Dance Conservatory, New York City, the U.S.
LECTURE PERFORMANCE July 23 repertoire excerpts/video screening/creative discussion, as part of the Karev Program for Involvement in Education for 100 teachers

MOST OF THE DAY I AM OUT August 17 (three shows) Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as part of T-Art special events in the Museum

During October we will be revisiting the U.S. with our work Come Jump with Me in New York City.  Would you be interested to hear about that or explore a possible collaboration during this period please let us know.

Hope to see you soon…Yossi & Oded





kibbutzim 2





December 3 –December 7

Dear Colleagues,

Following our first announcement, it is our pleasure to invite you to this year’s 2014 International Exposure Festival, Tel Aviv to be held December 3 - 7 at the renowned Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre—recipient of the 2010 Israel Prize for dance.

In recent years, the world-wide representation of Israeli contemporary dance has grown significantly. The international dance community has come to recognize the innovation, excitement, and intensity that are uniquely found amongst Israeli dancers and dance-makers. International Exposure offers a rare opportunity for presenters, choreographers, journalists, and curators from around the world to experience this vibrant art form in its own beautiful and fascinating environment.

International Exposure presents a broad range of fully-produced works within a highly organized festival environment with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Division of Cultural and Scientific Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

At this internationally acclaimed event, Israel’s foremost choreographers and dance companies will highlight the best of the country’s contemporary dance including: Batsheva Dance Company, Batsheva Ensemble, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak, Roy Assaf, Yasmeen Godder, Sharon Eyal, Vertigo, Daffi Eltabeb, Oded Graff &Yossi Berg, Noa Dar, Dana Ruttenberg, Noa Zuk as well as numerous young innovative choreographers.

The guests will be provided with the following:

Four nights fully covered at the Dan Panorama Hotel –

Free access to all performances

Receptions and networking meetings

A free guided tour to the Old City of Jerusalem

It is our pleasure to offer you the option of extending your stay to December 8 for an exciting day trip to the beautiful countryside of the north. Our trip will follow the coastal road to the western Galilee and Kibbutz Ga’aton, home of the Kibbutz Dance Company. The day’s agenda will include a tour of the dance village, an introduction to the Masa Dance Program and culminate with the premiere of a new work by Rami Be’er.  

Additional information and program details will follow. No registration forms needed - Please confirm your attendance by email to by October 30.

Yair Vardi, Director

Rachel Grodjinovsky, Foreign Affairs


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide