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Tickets for 19/7 : 110 ILS

Discount: 70 ILS – with the cod 765

Tel: 03-5105656

Tickets on line

The story of Adam & Eve as it is in the Kabala and old legend stories from Africa ,
A colorful group of percussionists and dancers lead by Saboula, a Djembe Master from Guinea- West Africa.
Celebrating 18 years of African dance in Israel !
A spectacle of energetic rhythm and sensual uplifting dance.
colorful outfits : cultural, musical and visual experience
New choreographies that combine the African with the modern and contemporary dance !
15 artists on stage

Choreography : Rachel Bangoura
Directing: Saboula & Rachel Bangoura
Outfits: Rachel Bangoura,
Music: Saboula BangouraFor more info: Rachel Bangoura 054-5715489


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide