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Bali Sacred Dance Retreat 2015

This retreat brings together three things which we love and have found to be of value in our own “Wheel of Life” journey and which we warmly invite you to share with us and to celebrate on Mount Batukaru at the Bali Mountain Retreat.

To dance in a Sacred way is to enter into a communion of heart, mind, body and soul

To retreat invites a safe inner space for contemplation, revelation, transformation and illumination

To be in Bali, is to enter a place of beauty which is honoured and Blessed in the Sacred traditions of that culture.

As we gather so we dance and form a Sacred Circle for our days together and beyond. Through this we pledge a safe and confidential “container” for our dance retreat journey. Journalling your inner dance will be an ongoing part of each day. We have a basic plan for the week but will respond also to you, your experience and what you bring as well as what we as a group can share.

Contact Maria Sangiorgi -

+39 338 524 92 55

Bali Mountain Retreat, Mount Batukaru, Tabanan, Bali


The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide