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Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you to

 ICPA Bangalore’s 

Yashaswi All India Dance and Music Talent Search

Date: May 4th and 5th 2019

Time 8.30 am to 4 pm

Venue: Sheshadripuram College Auditorium Yelahanka Bangalore 560064

 Yashaswi All India Dance and Music Talent Search

Time :8.30 am to 4 pm

Date: 4th and 5 th May 2019

 We will have  Yashaswi National Talent Search for Classical Dance and Music for all categories from morning 8.30 am to 4 pm. Young Artists from the all over the country will perform for Yashaswi Award. This is one of a kind festival where young artists will be honoured with Yashaswi Award. The talented artists in the award winners will be honoured with KalaYashaswi Award and the exceptional artists will be honoured with Srestakala Yashaswi Award.

The SrestaKala Yashaswi award winners will be given a chance to perform in the next Sutra Naatya Sangeetha Utsava of ICPA Bangalore.

 ICPA Rangarpana


Date: 4th May from 4pm to 6 pm

We will have Rangarpana festival exclusively for ICPA students where they will be given certificates from Bridge academy and ICPA certificates and momento for three categories:

Rangarpana award 2019 for beginner performers of ICPA

KalaRangarpana 2019 award for students who have represented ICPA in other festivals or competition outside ICPA in the state and country

LokaKalaRangarpana 2019 for students who have represented ICPA internationally

Sutra Naatya  Sangeetha  Utsava And Sutra Awards

May 4th and 5th- 5.30 to 9.30 pm


Purpose of the festival


Sutra ( Sustaining the Uniqueness of Traditional  Real Art forms)


Sutra Festival is curated by Reshmi( Nair) Ghosh, the Founder Director of International Centre for Performing Arts Bangalore with the aim to reach out traditional art forms with its formal purity to maximum number of people . Sutra Festival will serve as an opportunity for young upcoming artists to get an exposure into the world of Art Festivals and also to get to watch the senior artists perform these art forms. Sutra will be a platform where the skilled masters meet the future artists and SrestakalaYashaswis of ICPA Bangalore. ICPA Bangalore teaches underprivileged children free of cost and helps them to perform in competitions and festivals. ICPA’s Sutra is also planning to include art teaching  to rural underprivileged children with the help of other benevolent organisations.


Evening we will have senior artists of international stature performing for us on two days for our Sutra Dance and Music Festival. Sutra Awards will be given to Sutra artists.

Please be with us as we would like to make this an annual event for the exposure of good art forms.

Sutra Naatya  Sangeetha  Utsava day 1

6 .30 to 9.30 pm


6.45 to 7.15 Sangeetha Kacheri  by Smt Ramya

7.15 - 7.35 pm  Vinaya  Narayanana - Mohiniyattam Bangalore

7.35- 7.45  Smt Roopa Sarkar- Bharathanatyam - Kolkata

 7.45 to 8  Smt Sampada Pillai-Kathak- Kolkata

8 to 8.15 Ambali Praharaj- Bharathanatyam - Mumbai-

8.15 to 8.30 Garima Bhattacharya - Odissi -Kolkata

  8.55 to 9.05  Anjana Ramesh - Bharathanatyam- Bangalore -

Sutra Naatya  Sangeetha  Utsava Day 2

Inauguration of  Sutra Festival Day 2


5th may 2019

5.30 pm to 5.40 pm


Inauguration by lamp lighting and Prayer


Sutra festival day 2 Program



5.40 -  5.50 Mohiniyattam- Simhapuri Natanamanka Ms Namita K Saji ( Trissur)

5.50- 6. Bharathanatyam- Simhapuri Natanamanka Devikrishna Balakrishnan ( Trissur)


6. - 6.30

 Prasthithi (Bharathanatyam )

An ICPA Home Production

Presented by ICPA Bangalore and Angik Team Kolkata -

  6.30 to 7.00



Kuchipudi by Dr Ratheesh ( Bhilai)

  Odissi by Smt Sandya Manoj  (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia )

7.00- 7.30

Prahlada Pattabhishekam

Kuchipudi  by Ashwin Sureshan & Navin Satheeshan ( Thrissur) 

7.30 to 8

Sampoorna Ramayanam

In Kerala Natanam and Mohiniyattam

( Bhavayami Raghuramam-Swatithirunal Kriti)

Kerala Natanam -Natyasri Dr Joy Krishnan (Trivandrum)

Mohiniyattam - Natyamayuri Smt Vineeta Srinandan (Mumbai)

8 to 10

Bali Vadham Kathakali


Kalamandalam Hari R Nair  with Kerala Kalamandalam Artists along with ICPA junior artists 




Production name : Ritu Bahar
Dance form: Indian classical Kathak
Concept, directed, choreographed and produced by Jayeeta Dutta,Kathak Dancer, Bangalore
Performed by : 33 students ensemble and Jayeeta Dutta


Pictures of the show:











ICPA Bangalore is proud to host the ruling Emperor of Kathakali, Sri Kalamandalam Gopi Ashaan and his team of artists and Co- Sponsor Shrishti for organising Rugmangada Charitham Kathakali.
We present only the first scene of the story with Rugmangadan and Mohini.

We cordially invite you enjoy the Master's magical performance.
 Shrishti will honour him with the Shrishti National Achievement Award.

The artists are:
Rugmangadan  : Sri Kalamandalam Gopi
Mohini           Sri Madhu Varanasi
Pattu            Sri Kalamandalam Babu Namboothiri
                 Sri Kalamandalam Vishnu
Chenda          Sri Kalamandalam Unnikrishnan
Maddalam       Sri Kalamandalam Rajnarayan
Chutty and Aniyara
                 Sri Kalamandalam Ajeesh and Sudheesh     

Date 3rd May 2018
Time : 7pm
Place Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan Bangalore



ICPA Bangalore
(International Centre for Performing Arts Bangalore)
The only institute in Bangalore which teaches Kathakali
Teach, Train,Perform, Collaborate and Create Awareness



1. Bhumikashree.s. Bharathanatya.
    Guru. K.P.Satish Babu.
2. Deepak. Puttur. Bharathanatya.
    presents his disciples.
3. Sai Sanjana Edara. Chennai. Bharathanatyam.
    Guru. Padmashri. smt. Meenakshi chittaranjan.
4. Varsha Govind Raj. Bharathanatyam.
    Guru. Suchitra alaknanda.
5. Kavyashree  Nagaraj. Bharathanatyam.
    presents  her  disciples. 



Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

7th November 2017 became a milestone for the Attakkalari Dance Company as they put together a very special showcase for none other than His Royal Highness Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall!

The journey to this began earlier this summer when artists from Attakkalari Centre for Movements Arts and Co Wayne McGregor collaborated on a digital dance project conceived by acclaimed British choreographer Wayne McGregor as part of British Council’s UK-India 2017: Year of Culture.

Titled MixTheBody, the project is entirely virtual allowing people to choreograph infinite dance pieces through a series of exciting algorithms they can put together on their digital devices. Following the digital launch of the project, British Council India invited Attakkalari to present a live choreographic response to a sequence chosen by none other than HRH Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

It was an action-packed day; 7 November, Attakkalari Dance Company all set for the showcase through their rigorous rehearsal, our Artistic Director Jayachandran Palazhy had to take the royal couple through the digital aspects of MixTheBody ending with the 20-minute stellar performance. It all ended with a full house, standing ovations, a personal photo-op with the British Royals (the Prince and Duchess even complimented our artists on their core strength and artistry) and millions in social media reach through #RoyalVisitIndia we got for our first performance for Royalty since our inception.

Co Wayne McGregor tours India from end Nov to mid Dec and Attakkalari is proud to be the tech production partners for their tour.

Sankshipta is back and it's bigger!

Attakkalari is delighted to present the fourth edition of Sankshipta – an intense three-month dance training programme for working professionals and full time students and we need your signup! Sankshipta will take you through a carefully developed comprehensive dance training programme combining contemporary dance aspects of fitness, body conditioning and a series of dance forms specially designed to suit the needs of dance enthusiasts conscious of timings and days of the week.

You’ll learn from the best; our Sankshipta trainers are well-known faculty members from across India and the world. The sessions will be intense, the faculty is diverse, the learning is massive, and you’ll be part of a super showcase at the end of the course!

To enrol, register here; and for further information write to us at!

Big Dance Shorts features Hema Bharathy Palani

Hemabharathy Palani, Senior dancer and Rehearsal Director of Attakkalari Dance Company collaborated with British filmmakers Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul through Big Dance Shorts on their project titled ‘Ek Choti Si Asha – A Big Small Dream’. The project was a poetic response to India’s audacious 2018 lunar mission. Big Dance Shots are commissioned for Channel 4’s Random Acts strand as part of UK/India 2017 season, which is led by the British Council and the Indian High Commission.

Anindita Ghosh at Asia Dance Company’s latest production in Korea

Artist member of the Attakkalari Dance Company, Anindita Ghosh, is invited by the Asia Cultural Institute, South Korea to work on their latest production billed as the Asia Dance Company Project. The production involves 10 emerging dancer-choreographers from across Asia and Anindita is the only representative from India.

An institutional partnership between NSD Bengaluru and Attakkalari

National School of Drama, Benglauru signed up a very special education partnership with Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts to support learning and dissemination of Kalarippayattu – one of India’s oldest martial arts form taught as a source movement art in Attakkalari. This is a milestone for us for having facilitated a special initiative for one of India’s leading cultural institutions.

Live events at Attakkalari Studios

Come December, Attakkalari would be delighted to have you attend a series of live events programmed for the first time with performing arts agencies and cultural institutions from across India. This is part of the Attakkalari Open Studios initiative where we present inter-disciplinary work at our main studio known for its vibrant industrial setting complete with lighting bars, flexi seating arrangements amongst others. Write to in case you’re keen to programme content at the Attakkalari Studios

Artistic Director travels to Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Jayachandran Palazhy as an invited special delegate will be in Hong Kong and Guangzhou from 21 to 29 November 2017. In Hong Kong Jayachandran is part of the City Contemporary Dance Festival, meeting and networking with promoters from across the world. In Guangzhou he will attend the Guangdong Dance Festival and participate in their networking platform

Job Announcements

We’ve got a very exciting work opportunity at Attakkalari. We’re looking at recruiting a dynamic art professional for the role of Manager Education and Programmes.
At Attakkalari you get to work with one of India’s most vibrant arts teams and will be part of our diverse education and programming work.
We urge you to go through the job competency before sending us your application form. The guidelines to the application can be found here.







Shristi final 7 4 2017

Schedule AIB2017

About Attakkalari India Biennial 2017

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts provides a national and international platform for the latest in contemporary dance and features renowned movement artists as well as emerging voices. The organisation aims to stimulate the growth of a vibrant performing arts scene in the country. The Centre also helps encourage, nurture, and mentor young talent in dance and movement arts. The 10-day dance festival will witness cutting-edge contemporary dance and digital performances from several countries, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Poland, South Africa, Finland, and India.

True to its theme, BLR MOVES, the Attakkalari India Biennial 2017 strives to animate Bengaluru’s cityscape with movement and digital arts, infusing new energy via the main performances of the festival and various lead-up and allied activities at different iconic venues across the city.

About Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts

Attakkalari was constituted in 1992 to facilitate the development of contemporary cultural expressions in India, particularly in the performing arts, and is today recognised internationally as an important educational institution and cultural organisation in South Asia. Committed to interdisciplinary and intercultural art practices, Attakkalari provides dynamic leadership and makes strategic interventions to stimulate the growth of a vibrant contemporary performing arts scene in Bengaluru and in India as a whole. Since its inception in 2001, Attakkalari has made significant contributions to developing the performing arts scene in India, particularly in the realm of physical performance, stage technologies, choreography, and pedagogy. Driven by the underlying philosophy “Traditional Physical Wisdom, Innovation & Technology” Attakkalari has initiated several strategic and interlinked programmes, which have made a bold impact and are now inspiring and being emulated by artists and organisations working in contemporary dance and performance throughout India.

Laxmi Priya. SN

24-04, BTS Bus Depot Road, Wilson Garden 1st Cross, 
Behind Mandovi Motors, Bengaluru - 560027, India
080-2212-3684 • o8o-4146-7690

Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI)

Workshop: Dance-in-Education (DIE)
Facilitated by Tripura Kashyap
(Movement therapist / Dance Educator / Choreographer
DIE is the Art & Science of teaching creative movement to children in schools. It includes theories, concepts & process of integrating dance into educational settings. Dance promotes physical fitness, enriches creativity and enhances expression in children. The sessions offer a space for children to enhance their confidence and social skills while learning academic subjects through dance.

The workshop offers:
Definition, principles, scope and objective of dance pedagogy
Innovative methods and techniques of teaching dance
Providing variety and contrast in movement experiences
Evaluating teaching and learning skills
Designing a dance curriculum
Creative movement activities & games
Creation of dance studies linked to subjects like Math, Science, Language etc
Customizing dance for different age groups
Enhancing facilitation skills
Educational Dance Choreography

The workshop is open to Teachers, Special Educators, Group leaders & Artists working with children.

Venue: Basement studio, Alliance Francaise, 108, Thimmaiah Road, Opposite U.N. I Building, Vasant Nagar, Bangalore 560052
Dates: Sunday, 5th February & Monday 6th February 2017.
Timings: 5th (11 am to 6 pm) & 6th (9.30 am to 4.30 pm)

Registrations open @


For other queries, you can email us at"> or call Preethi @ 098860-59268

Web invite 1

Web invite 2

Web invite 3

# +91 98802 01608
# +91 98458 08152

mail us at :

visit our website :



CMTAI Presents
Workshop: MY BODY, MY WISDOM- An experience-rich workshop, blending Expressive-Creative movement, Self-awareness practices, Psychotherapy & Metaphoric exercises using Music with Art).

Facilitated by: 
Tripura Kashyap (Movement therapist / Dance educator / Choreographer
Santha Kumar (Psychotherapist / Executive coach) 
Sophie Christopher (Counsellor / ICF life coach / Group process facilitator)

Venue: Basement hall, Chitrakala Parishat, Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore
Dates: 15th to 17th July 2016 from 10 am to 5 pm


Certificate course: Expressive Movement Therapy This intensive module offers theoretical frameworks and creative-healing movement experiences from dance therapy. It also includes evolution, principles, goals, approaches and techniques of the discipline used in group & individual work.  

Course Schedule:  Aug 28th to 4th September / 2nd to 9th October & 5th to 12th November (216 hours spread over 4 months) / Timings:  9.30 am to 6.30 pm (All days)
VenueShoonya studio for Art and Somatic practices,   Bangalore - 560027

Course Facilitators:
Expressive Movement Therapy: Theory & Practice: Tripura Kashyap 
Psychodynamic principles / Psychiatry & Ethics in EMT: Preetha Ramasubramanian 
Expressive arts therapies (Personal therapy & Counselling):  Brinda Jacob 
Dance skills & Anatomy: Nakula Somanna 
Laban Movement Analysis: Tanvi Bajaj
Research Skills in EMT: Anubha Harlalka

For workshop & course details mail: or call 9686122551 / 9886059268
For registration details for workshop / course & FAQ for course visit: – LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE!
Link for CMTAI’s documentary film: Dance Movement Therapy: visit ‘Creative movement therapy association of India (CMTAI)’ on youtube
Link for CMTAI’s 1st Indian journal on dance therapy:

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide