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       (Certified Intensive Dance Program)
Dates: 12th June to 13th July 
Classes: 175 Approx.
Faculties : 18 International Teachers
Training : Intensive 8 hours everyday 
Dance Forms : Ballet, contemporary, Hip hop, Urban Dance, Popping, Electro, Gymnastic, Yoga, Belly, Partner Dance, Improvisation /Movement research etc.





Certificate course: Creative Movement Therapy @ NarenJayan Studio, Bhoomika,
Delhi begins May 18th.

Diploma course: Dance Movement Therapy (CMTAI-Artsphere-Mira College collaboration)

in Pune begins June 1st

Fliers for all these events attached here with!


The Stage is waiting for U !!

DEMI YAP 4 (60 Days, Certified Intensive Dance Program)

Dates: 15th May to 14th July 
Classes: 320 Approx.
Faculties : 18 International Teachers
Training : Intensive 8 hours everyday 
Dance Forms : Ballet, contemporary, Hip hop, Urban Dance, Popping, Electro, Gymnastic, Yoga, Belly, Partner Dance, Improvisation /Movement research etc.
Fee: Rs. 15000 only 
We are taking limited students to study with us.
Reserve you place soon to get EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.
For more info follow us on :







"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about!"

- Angela Schwindt

Welcome the crisp November with some exciting new performances, workshops and classes!

Pen@Prithvi Presents Urmila: Interactive Reading with Dance & Abhinaya by Pervin Saket & Artsphere

Children's Day Celebrations by Artsphere

Foundation Course in the Therapeutic Value of Art by Susan Bullough-Khare

Multifaceted Movement Approaches: 4th Annual International Conference by CMTAI

Enlighten MUN Programme by MUN World India

LEAD Skill Set Development Programme by SkillSphere Education

West African Djembe Workshop with Kelvin Kew by Taal Inc.

Prelude & Leaps: A Concert of Unusual & Playful Guitar Music by Aditya Gandhi

Music Together: Winter 17-18 by Quintessentials

Mindful Living TA101 by Sailaja Manacha

Beauty & The Beast Recital by Pamtoes Ballet Academy

Happenings Around Town

Shadow to Gold Workshop by Stefan Hermann

Utkarsh: Children's Day Special Programme by Nrityayatri

Enhance The Body-Mind Nexus

The experts at CMTAI have joined hands with the Psychology department of Christ University to facilitate our 4th annual international conference.

Develop deeper personal connections, strengthen the body-mind continuum and build better relationships through our 2-day conference that covers everything you need to know on dance and movement therapy (DMT).

Get advance and in-depth insights and training into psychotherapy, dance and movement therapy, and expressive arts therapy through internationally qualified faculty in just under 2 days.


Starting November 1st, 2017

 Day - Wednesday

Time - 4 pm to 6 pm

Contact - Muneeb Riaz - +91-8793064077

Email -

MUN World India is delighted to launch its nationally acclaimed Enlighten MUN Programme at Artsphere Pune. After having successfully been conducted in over 200 different institutions across India, this 24 hour weekly programme (2 hours per week) for students of Grades 7 to 12 offers them a unique and unparalleled opportunity to develop essential life skills, public speaking skills, negotiation and diplomacy skills and global awareness among many others.

Enlighten MUN is a short-term workshop which primarily focuses on helping students develop confidence, conviction, public speaking skills, leadership skills, debating skills, quick thinking abilities and global awareness through the mode of Model United Nations training and simulation.
We look forward to conducting sessions for your ward!


Starting November 5th, 2017

Day - Sunday,

Time - 11 am to 1 pm

Contact - +918793064077 |+918888844247

Email -|

SkillSphere Education is delighted to launch its nationally acclaimed LEAD Programme at Artsphere. After having successfully been conducted in over 25 different cities across India, this 24 hour weekly programme (2 hours per week) for students of Grades 3 to 6 offers them a unique and unparalleled opportunity to develop essential life skills, soft skills, communication skills and global awareness.

An acronym for leadership, enterprise, awareness and diplomacy (LEAD), the programme focuses on the development of skills such as public speaking, power of expression, problem solving, decision making, spontaneity, expanding general awareness among a range of other skills essential for the holistic development of young students, and which are sure to hold them in good stead moving forward. The weekly programme is activity and participation based, with practical and experiential learning being used as a mode to disseminate theoretical learning. MUN World India follows a unique teaching principle called Experience, Practice, Theorize (EPT) which makes learning fun and comprehensive for young students who are in the process of realizing their strengths.

We look forward to LEADing your child to leadership!


~ Transforming Your Deepest Darkness into Brilliance ~

Facilitated by Stefan Hermann

Dates: December 1st to 3rd, 2017

Registration for December 1-3, 2017 -


January 17th to 19th, 2018

Registration for January 19-21, 2018 -

Location: Khandala

Contact: Yashodhara Robin - / 9881824431

The ShadowToGold weekend is based on Jungian concept of shadow work and personal growth processes. The workshops help reveal the hidden powers of the shadow and transform them into light and awareness about the future that we really seek.

This is an invitation to develop a map of your future and learn tools to manifest your deepest desires, while pulling energy and awareness from your shadows. This residential weekend will be fun, intense, enlightening, and practical for both personal use and group facilitation. The weekend will be facilitated by Stefan Hermann, a German born futurist, author and social entrepreneur.

The Investment: The tuition fees is discounted in India and includes simple food and dorm accommodation. The tuition includes 4 online follow up group calls (optional) with Stefan Hermann after the weekend.


Contact - 9561720001

Email -

Website -

Maharani Arts of India
Artistic direction and Organization by Maya Devi & George Jacob
02-12 January 2018
Rajasthan, INDIA

Un Viaggio unico a passo di danza per conoscere le danze e le tradizioni dell'India.
Dal 2 al 12 Gennaio 2018
Delhi-Agra, Taj Mahal-Jaipur- Amber Fort-Pachewar Fort

Una full-immersion di Danza e Cultura in uno dei luoghi più affascinanti e leggendari di tutto il mondo: l'INDIA.

Potrete studiare alcune delle danze più affascinanti indiane con alcuni dei più grandi Maestri indiani ed internazionali: dalla danza classica KATHAK alle colorate danze gypsy del Rajasthan , vi immergerete nella meditazione e nello yoga e nelle danze Sufi con la Maestra internazionale MAYA DEVI e condividerete la gioia della Bollywood dance trasmessa dal Coreografo e danzatore indiano GEORGE JACOB!.
Visiterete , durante il tragitto da Delhi a Jaipur, il famosissimo TAJ MAHAL, gioiello e simbolo dell'India e l'antichissimo Amber Fort.

50 Ore di lezione di danza con Maestri indiani e internazionali!
Esploreremo le bellezze del Rajasthan, i colori ed i profumi dei bazar e mercatini locali, lo splendore dei Fort e delle Haveli, e il fascino della città Rosa “Jaipur” e di Amber Fort.
Questo tour è aperto a tutti coloro che amano la danza e la musica, danzatrici e non che vogliono studiare danza e scoprire l'India in modo unico e indimenticabile!
Segui l'evento su FB CLICCA QUI
banner Royal dance retreat 2018

01 Gennaio 2018 -Arrivo e ritrovo a Delhi
PICK UP all'aeroporto con welcome da parte della nostra organizzazione.Pernottamento a Delhi.

02 Gennaio 2018-Delhi-Agra Taj Mahal
In viaggio verso Jaipur visita ad Agra TAJ MAHAL -Trasferimento e pernottamento a Fort Pachewar.

Dal 3 al 12 Gennaio 2018
Arrivo a Fort PacvhewarGarh In Rajasthan e ROYAL WELCOME CEREMONY per tutti i partecipanti.
Prima cena conviviale con il gruppo e pernottamento al Fort.
Inizio del DANCE RETREAT nel meraviglioso PACHEWAR FORT, residenza storica della famiglia Rathore, una delle più antiche famiglie Rajput del Rajasthan. Il Fort è un Heritage hotel & resort a 4 stelle e vanta di uno spazio all'aperto meraviglioso, una piscina per gli ospiti, una torretta dove ammirare il paesaggio e i pavoni che dimorano nel giardino e che ci risveglieranno la mattina con il loro canto melodioso. Il proprietario è un vero nobile della famiglia Rajput e ci accoglierà con una cerimonia speciale della tradizione del Rajasthan.


9.00-10.15 – Yoga lesson con Maya Devi per risvegliare il corpo e prepararlo alla danza.
Breakfast- servita nella sala da pranzo principale del Fort affacciata sul giardino.
11.30-13.00- Lezione di danza classica indiana Kathak o Sufi Kathak.
13.15-14.30- Pranzo servito nella sala da pranzo principale del Fort affacciata sul giardino.
15.30-17.30- Lezione di danza del Rajasthan Kalbeliya o Sufi dance.
18.00-19.30 -Lezione di Bollywood dance con George Jacob.
20.00-21.00 Cena servita nella sala del Maharaja o nella torre del Fort a lume di candela con tipici piatti del Rajasthan.
21.30-23.00 Serata di intrattenimento con danze, concerti di musica indiana, Rajasthani puppet show, Mehndi Art e ottima musica indiana live. (Ogni sera un'attività diversa!).
Durante i 10 giorni ci sarà un giorno di Visita e Shopping a Jaipur e mezza giornata per il Maharani Photoshooting.
L'ultima sera sarà organizzato al Fort Pachewar un GALA DINNER co danze e musica del Rajasthan seguito da uno spettacolo con tutti i partecipantii , alla presenza della famiglia Royal Rajput e con la partecipazione di tutti i Maestri del Retreat.
Alla fine della serata Saranno consegnati gli attestati di partecipazione del RETREAT firmati da ogni Maestro.

Fort Pachewar Garh, Rajasthan

Heritage Hotel "FORT PACHEWAR GARH" è situato vicino al lago Pumpa Sagar, nel cuore del Rajasthan. Mentre si va da Jaipur a Ajmer, la distanza è di circa 80 km da Jaipur. Questo castello ancestrale ha più di 350 anni fa ed è stato rinnovato e trasformato in un lussuoso Heritage Hotel. Lontano dal trambusto della città, si può godere della cultura rurale, sentire le vecchie tradizioni, testimoniare i costumi, sperimentare la ricca ospitalità e l'ambiente più ricco del Rajasthan.

Master teachers del Retreat

MAYA DEVI- Mestra di Yoga, meditazione, danza Sufi, Kalbeliya e Rajasthani, Semiclassical Bollywood dance.

GEORGE JACOB-Bollywood dance

ANUREKHA GHOSH- Danza indiana classica Kathak

SAYARI SAPERA- Danza gypsy del Rajasthan & Kalbeliya.
Per informazioni:
Prenotazioni e info:
Logo Maharani 2017 FINAL

Per prenotare il viaggio è necessario inviare una e-mail a
con il vostro nome, cognome, numero di contatto e paese di residenza.
Per prenotare è necessario inviare una caparra di Euro 300,00 per assicurarvi il vostro posto nel tour.
Il restante 50% del costo totale del viaggio dovrà essere versato entro e non oltre il 15 Dicembre 2017.
Una volta effettuato il pagamento dell'acconto la tua partecipazione sarà confermata.

PAGINA FB: Per seguire tutti gli updates del viaggio!](
Per seguire tutti gli updates del viaggio!


The Festival
Alankriti Performing Arts Festival, a festival that has been curated with an aim to bridge the connection between Indian dance companies, and music groups with international artists.
From this perspective, our main concern is to concentrate diverse art forms irrespective of their geographical boundaries or artistic specifications. Thus, we focused on those people who are much thick on their ground but lacked revelation. This year we are trying to bring a diverse art forms like Chau, Contemporary, Kathak etc. with a platform for knowledge sharing as well. Our endeavor is to bridge various contradictions with one another like bridging Indian culture with foreign one, bridging the vast chasm between the more highlighted people with less highlighted one, and opportunities to showcase full time productions and choreographies. This festival tends to intermingle various dance forms in one single platform to give its audience a rich and varied experience.


(artistic director of SASTRIKA)

KOLKATA - 09836862564

DELHI     - 08377916609





Natya Ballet Centre in association with Italian Embassy Cultrural Centre 

live media performance lab

TIMING: 18–19 Feb 2017 | 10am-5pm 
VENUE: Natya Ballet Centre
FEE: 1000 INR 
W/S CAPACITY: 12 participants only

To register for the workshop, please mail at:

Visionary Actions is a two day workshop dedicated to live media performance art and experimental videoworks for dancers, performance artists, actors and filmmakers. The seminar aims to stimulate personal and professional creativity in manufacturing a live media performance art work based on the use of the body (which is the starting and ending point of any live art project) in relation to interaction design devices, technology and live cinema philosophy.

A live media performance is a work in which the performer interacts with a complex multi-sensory architecture through the use of interaction design devices (sensors, motion-capture devices, computer vision cameras) capable of transforming the biometric and cinematic data arriving from the body into live visualization and generative sound experience. The aim is to produce a software-based “dramaturgy” that conceptually reflects the contemporary experience of our “augmented” bodies connected with the net and amplified by a device.

Francesca Fini is an interdisciplinary artist mainly focused on new media, experimental cinema and performance art. She lives and works in Rome. The focus of her work is always the body and its own narrative power, but inserted in a sort of exuberant "multimedia pot" where live videoart pieces are mixed with generative audio, lo-fi technologies and homemade interaction design devices, with handicraft masks, bizarre costumes and feminist steam-punk props popping out everywhere. 

Among the most important art events in which she participated in the last few years, we would mention the 2011 WRO Biennale in Poland, the River-to-River Festival in New York, the ADD Digital Art Festival in Rome, Laguna International Art Prize in Venice, the Venice International Performance Art Week, FILE Festival in Brasil, the Berlin Directors Lounge, Ikono Tv Festival and the Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival in Chicago. In 2014 she was selected for the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology. She was also invited in Kolkata, where she lectured and performed at the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute. In 2015 she directed in Rome the firts edition of HI> DANCE Festival, dedicated to contemporary dance and technology. In the same year she won the Prix Université Blaise Pascal des étudiants and the Prize Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dome during Videoformes Festival in Clermont-Ferrand. She is currently working on a new experimental feature film with the collaboration of Cinecittà Istituto Luce.

To know more:

Movement & Acting Workshop

TIMING: 27 Feb–2 Mar 2017 | 1pm-4pm 
VENUE: Natya Ballet Centre
FEE: 1800 INR 

To register for the workshop, please mail at:

In this four session workshop participants dive deeply into realistic acting, contemporary movement and the relationship between the two.

Departing point is a text from the play 'Doing Frank Sinatra' by Paul De Bruyne in which the quintessence of a triangular relationship is being examined, Nishant Bhola confronts the theme with the language of contemporary movement whereas Paul De Bruyne leads the acting sessions on the text. Both strains of work are intertwined and strengthen each other in order to create a new theatre language where movement and realistic acting heighten the sense of meaning for the participant.

Paul De Bruyne is a senior professor of theatre directing at Fontys University of the Arts (Tilburg, The Netherlands) and an assistant professor of Cultural Studies at Maastricht University (The Netherlands). He has written and adapted over 15 plays for the theatre which have been performed across Belgium, The Netherlands, Ghana, Kenya and China. 
Over the years he has collaborated with visual artists (most notably Jeanne van Heeswijk) and developped and implemented projects in public space and musea (most recently in the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in ’s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands). He has also worked extensively as a lyricist and collaborated with various choreographers in Belgium, The Netherlands (Elsa van der Heijden) and China (Liu Xi, Sang Jijia, Pun Siufai).
On the board of various art organisations, Paul has written numerous articles and books on art, theatre and politics.

Nishant Bhola has a diverse history as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and migrant. Born in India, Nishant went to The Netherlands to pursue his Bachelors in Dance & Masters in Choreography from the Fontys University of Arts (Tilburg, The Netherlands). 
Since 2008 he is a senior professor of dance at Fontys University of the Arts . As a guest choreographer and teacher he is very much engaged and active in the university and professional dance world in Europe and Asia, such as the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts, University of Stavanger, Beijing Dance Festival, Indonesian Institute of The Arts, National Ballet of Vietnam. 



IMG 6868 1

IMG 6872 1









Dear Friends

Sunny Greetings from TRIDHARA, Bhubaneswar, India. Like last 30 years, this year also on behalf of our academy we are organizing the SRADHANJALI SAMAROHA-2016 on the 31st Remembrance Day of our beloved GURUJI Dr. Debaprasad Das on 16th July 2016 at Rabindra Mandap at 6.30 P.M. For this Festival we have decided to give the opportunity to the Gurus and performers of GURU DEBAPRASAD DAS NRUTYA PARAMPARA to perform SOLO, DUET and GROUP Odissi Dance Performance.

Interested artists can send their CVs before 25th of June to this E-mail:

The Dance to be presented should be either Guruji’s choreography or based on Guruji’s style.



Gajendra Kumar Panda
Director of TRIDHARA





















Dear Friends
Sunny greetings from TRIDHARA. You will be happy to know that on behalf of our academy, TRIDHARA, Bhubaneswar we are going to organize “26th INTERNATIONAL SUMMER ODISSI DANCE WORKSHOP” at our school premises from 1st May to 29th May 2016. On 30th May we will organize a festival “DEBASMRUTI” at Rabindra Mandap where all the students taking part in the Workshop will perform. In this connection I would like to inform you, if you are interested to send your children for this special class, and then please fill up the specific form before 5th April for conformation to participate. Kindly support us in conducting this summer class properly.
[Note: - Hostel facility is also available for the accommodation of outsiders.]

Those who are interested to participate in the grand event do contact us -
E-mail :
Phone : 0961008127,Tel-0091-674 2597813
A warm welcome to this grand event . Seeking support of all of you who love and care for dance, art and music
**more updates coming soon**










MLN ACADEMY OF MUSIC & DANCE(A finearts  Association Of Indian Music & Culture),Online/Inhouse Indian Music Classes  Coaching in Indian Music Artforms, Classical,South Indian,Hindusthani,Sugam Sangeeth,LightMusic,Folk,Violin,Veena,Dance(Kuchipudi& Bharathanaatyam)Cine Melody songs,Annamayya Special Keerthanas,Ramadas Keerthanas etc

contact us on +91 9949930893,+91 7893774783







Ms. Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
School Director at Kala Pradarshini (Centre for Performing Arts and Cultural Activities) institute of Indian dance. Bharatanatyam teacher.

1A, 18 Poes Road - 1st Street
IN-600018 Teynampet, Chennai



I cordially invite you for the Bharathanatyam Arangetram of my disiciple, Hassini Madhan on 19th July, 2014 at 6pm in The Music Academy. Grace the occation and bless her! 

Thanks and Regards

Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala

Secretary, ABHAI (Association of BHaratanatyam Artistes of India)

Managing Trustee, Kala Pradarshini

Home Office: 

Flat 1A, Ceebros Parvathi Apartments,

18 Poes Road, 1st Street, Teynampet,

Chennai 600 018, India

Contact No: 

Landline: +91(44) 2431 0708 / 2431 0709

Mobile:     +91- 98401 57090

LinkedIn Profile


Natya Festival - Season XVI: 


























Dear Sir/Madam

Sunny greetings from TRIDHARA. You will be happy to know that on behalf of our academy we are going to organize 24th SUMMER INTENATIONAL ODISSI DANCE WORKSHOP at our school premises from 1st May to 29th May 2014. On 30th May we will organize a festival “DEBASMRUTI” at Rabindra Mandap where all the students taking part in the Workshop will perform. In this connection I would like to inform you, if you are interested to send your children for this special class then please confirm your participation before 29th April Kindly support us in conducting this summer classes properly. 

[Note: - Hostel facility is also available for the accommodation of outsiders.]


1.   We will conduct the Dance Workshop for 4 Weeks (every day 4 hours morning and evening each) under direct supervision of Guru Gajendra Panda.

2.   At the end of the session we will give an opportunity to our participants to perform in the “DEBASMRUTI” festival at Rabindra Mandap on 30th May 2014.

3.   We will provide the participants the master audio C.D. of the dance item learnt in this workshop.

4.   We will provide the text of the Dance items.

5.   We will give the participation certificates to our participants

6.   Every Sunday there will be Special Workshops by the Experts on :- a).Yoga And Dance b).Traditional Dress & Makeup of Odissi (c). Odissi Talas and Ragas (d). Knowledge about Balanced Diet & Dance Therapies for Dancers.

(N.B. Participants should have at least 1 year experience on Odissi Dance or other classical Dance).


Director of TRIDHARA,

Plot no.-9, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751009, Odisha, India.

Mob: -9861008127,Tel-0674-2597813,

Mail id-














Dear Friends,

Guru Mrs. Suchitra Date and Nrityaprerana School of Dance is happy to announce the ‘NRITYA SABHA’ a unique dance festival to be held from 8th  to 10th November 2013 at Tilak Smarak Mandir Pune.

Nrityaprerana is committed to propagation of Indian Classical dance. We seek to explore, enrich and promote classical dance through this festival.

At ‘NRITYA SABHA’ stalwarts like; Ms. Nanadini Ramani of Tanjavoor School from Chennai, ‘Guru Balasaraswatis’s direct student’ will hold workshop and perform. Famous Nattuvanaar Kadarvellu Pillai’s son        Mr. Kalliswaran will hold
workshop, and many other stalwarts will perform alongside upcoming artists and their students.

The main purpose of this festival is to sustain the art form and encourage it’s learning from seniors and propagation through upcoming artists.

Dance institutions and organisations are also invited  to  participate  in  the exhibition to be held as part of the ‘NRITYA SABHA’ festival. Special  Stalls will be put up for dance accessories.


Suchitra Date
Nrityaprerana School of Dance
Cell: Suchitra Date - 98 90 525127  Nrupa Soman - 93 71 021839  Shruti Tekawade - 90 28 846328 88 - Mitra mandal colony Parvati, Pune 411009.

Malhar Aavishkar

Usha Swapna Foundation

Ideal & Unique  Cultural Vacation   

Live Indian Culture Program

Mr Pramod Joshi, Mission Director of Usha Swapna Foundation, India, believes that Art & Culture is the only medium to bring Peace & Harmony in world, transgressing the boundaries of Geography, Race & Religion. Indian Art & Culture has intrinsic ,beauty & charm to win millions of hearts world-wide. Over the centuries, International thinkers, scholars, researchers, painters & performing artists have experienced this charm. People are lured by meditative & spiritual influence of Indian classical music, dance, yoga & Ayurved. People, all over the world, have developed very positive perspective towards India in last two decades due to Economic liberalization , global competitiveness, technological advances and youthful approach of Indians. Large numbers of foreigners are in search of authentic, genuine, total Indian culture experience and not just as “tourist interest.                                

To meet this expectation, Usha Swapna Foundation, India, has planned an innovative, unique & an ideal vacation program , a well structured, five days a week, short duration ( four and two weeks), academic, fee-based, residential course : Live Indian Culture Program for Americans, Europeans, Asians, Australians & Africans.They will stay in a scenic lake side resort in Pune . They will experience authentic Indian Culture : Yoga, meditation & Ayurvedic massage, four hours of serious training of classical music & dance: Art-disciplines offered are : Vocal-Khayal & Drupad, Instrument-Tabla, Sitar, Sarod, Violin, Harmonium, Flute, Santoor etc & Dance- Kathak, Bharat Natyam & Odissi. The program will also give you the “over-view” of Indian literature like Mahabharat, Ramayan, Puraan, Vedas, Kalidas & also contemporary literature, like Rabindranath Tagore & Premchand along with Indian drama & theatre as also traditional & contemporary fashion . Ayurved-lectures will be part of this session. The program also includes traditional & modern cookery-lessons, foods & festivals, Rangoli, Mehendi & terracotta pottery sessions and music-concerts every evening ! Week-end visits are planned for: Archeological sites, museums & exhibitions, Golf course, Beaches, Industry & farms. For details. It’s a genuine, authentic experience of Indian culture you will cherish for life. For details of the Program & our Management-Council, please visit :, e-mail: In decades to come, Live Indian Culture Program   will build, on solid foundation, a Cultural Bond for peace & harmony world-wide.

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide