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Hungary comprehensively

Hungarian Association for Expressive Arts
and Dance Therapy

Address: Ilka u. 47., H-1143 Budapest, Hungary, Phone: +36203176964,,

Call for partnership in Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project

Deadline of the application: March 21st 2018

Professional content of the planned project

The planned project initiates an international co-operation among different non-verbal training methods as part of Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Program. We aim to improve communication and training skills of non-formal educators, social and cultural workers, and other professionals working in the field of supporting vulnerable people, groups and communities to facilitate their social inclusion.

We will develop an intermodal training method based on artistic expressions and creative activities that can be applied to working efficiently with our target group. This method will combine the different methodologies and synthesise the experience of the project partners in different areas of training and art, such as theatre, expressive arts and dance therapy, dance theatre, clowning, storytelling and voice-music therapy.

We are convinced that beyond the creation of a new combined method, this type of work also offers the potential of developing the partners’ approaches.

Irrespective of its reason (personal, health, social, ethnical) vulnerability can result in discrimination, and the exclusion from the community of the majority. Working with this subject it is necessary to find resources and validation to re-balance the concerned person or group. Creativity and the impact of artistic expression can stimulate hidden potential and give a new opportunity to discover the powerful parts of the person. Because the language of art is universal, non-verbal expression comes from our most authentic side. We can increase the self-appreciation and open ways for the inclusion, from inside to outside. Through the trainings we set out from the connection with “our-selves”, then we create connection with the others from the same culture, and finally we arrive to intercultural connections, while experiencing growing empathy and open-mindedness for the others.

We are looking for the real common language and universal base of the different participating methods. We invite our partners to work really together and hold trainings in co-leadership. This exceptional approach can bring the opportunity to really understand other professionals and methods and learn to co-operate in a practical way, not only in theory. It could be a model to work with other professionals, with other methodologies, with other cultures together.

The project will follow a three year project plan based around training courses, partner meetings and intellectual outputs. The lead in these trainings will be divided among the partners, ensuring that all partners take an active role in and responsibility for the implementation of the project.

Preliminary structure of the project:

Kick-off partner meeting for practical management

Partner meeting for professional issues

4-6 trainings, each led by a team of trainers representing different methods. The composition of the leader teams will be finalised on the partners meetings depending on the topic and the common interest.

Partner meetings after the trainings serve to summarise experiences and help the preparation of the next training.

Synthesis meeting

The main outcome of the project is therefore a European training module, offering new approaches for working with the target group.

Other intellectual outputs will include a synthesis of good practices, presented in different forms, like a film or a conference.

All these outputs will be disseminated through local multiplier events, allowing user organisations to benefit from project findings and methodologies.

What to do if interested in partnering us?

  • Please send us an e-mail expressing your interest at once so that we know whom to count with!
  • In order to be able to participate in the partnership, and receive funding your organisation has to be registered with the EU Login system (formerly known as ECAS - European Commission Authentication System). (Only organisations can participate, people on their own are not eligible!) You have to have a Participant Identification Code (PIC number for short). If your organisation does not have it at the moment you can register as follows:
  • Please fill in the attached questionnaire (we ask for detailed info that will be necessary for the development of the joint project and data that is required by the application form.
  • Please remember that the deadline of the application (March 21st 2018) is approaching and there are quite some tasks ahead of us with the preparations! So, let’s do it! :-)


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