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Rajasthani dance classes at beginner and advanced level:

- Kalbeliya ( the Rajasthani gipsy dance)
- Ghoomar ( Rajasthani royal dance)
- Chary ( dance with water spot)
- Matki ( rural folk dance from willage: basic of all dances)
- coreographies: "Cham-chamake", "Roomal", "Mehendi", "Keseriya balam", sufi dance motives, improvization in the dance


2nd Oriental Magic Professional Belly dance competition










It is the obligation of the Hungarian State Opera House, by virtue of its rank and status as a national institution, to support the performance of opera around the country. It was this recognition that in 2013 gave rise to the week-long Primavera series, in which each of the companies from Hungary and abroad that are invited to participate will feature their latest pieces at the Erkel Theatre every spring.

Mozart: Don Giovanni
 4 April, 2017 – Cluj-Napoca Hungarian Opera

    Director, conductor: György Selmeczi
    Cast: Sándor Köpeczi, Tímea Fülöp, Csaba Sándor, Lóránt Barta, Apollónia Egyed, Árpád Sándor, János Szilágyi, Lívia Chiuariu

Verdi: Traviata
    5 April, 2017 – Győr National Theatre

    Director: Gábor Szűcs
    Conductor: István Silló
    Cast: Judit Lőrincz, Béla Turpinszky Gippert, Csaba Bede-Fazekas

Verdi: Il trovatore
    6 April, 2017 – Szeged National Theatre
    Director: Attila Toronykőy
    Conductor: Tamás Pál

    Cast: Zoltán Kelemen, Nadia Cerchez, Bernadett Wiedemann, Boldizsár László, Tamás Altorjay

Erkel: Bánk bán

    7 April, 2017 – Csokonai Theatre (Debrecen)
    Director: Péter Gemza
    Conductor: Máté Szabó Sipos
    Cast: Atilla Kiss B., Ágnes Rendes, Lajos Wagner, Marianna Bódi, Péter Balczó, László Jekl, Péter Cser

Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer
    8 April, 2017 – Miskolc National Theatre
    Director: Máté Szabó
    Conductor: Ádám Cser

    Cast: Mihály Kálmándy, István Rácz, Szilvia Rálik, Boldizsár László, Marianna Bódi, Sándor Böjte

Verdi: Macbeth
9 April, 2017 – Pécs National Theatre

    Director: Dénes Gulyás
    Conductor: Péter Oberfrank

    Cast: Szabolcs Bognár, András Kiss, Adrienn Miksch, Dávid Bergovecz


The event Nations Heritage Day Festival will take place in Hungary  IN 2015 August 25-30.
during this event our organizing committee will provide free accommodation and support local transport during the event period and any group who wish to arrive on time and spend some days after the events should let us know on time.
we kindly inform all interested groups leaders to kindly apply on time due to limited  in free accommodation.
thanks you all and looking forwards to welcome you all during this historical events as we expect diplomatic people, cultural representative  and Government representative
Európa Kúltúrális alapítvány és Rendezvény Központ
Sincere yours/Üdv.
Verebélyi Katalin
Tel + 36-305980934





Budapest Festival 2015
The International Folk Dance Festival “Budapest 2015” is a non-competitive festival of traditional and modern dances.



4th World Inter Cultural Festival


Our Next events is 4th World Inter Cultural Festival taking place in Budapest Cultural Center in 2014 July 31st to 4th August and all members of CID and non members is free to take part , Accommodation in the School is free and groups interested for Hotel Accommodation should write to the organizing committee for request. we have successful organized this events for the past 3 years with the Aims to promote nations cultural heritage and Tourism and all type of groups and performance are welcome to be part of this historical


Katona Bettina

Cultural Organization Hungary

Tel: +36-309768025,

Web site :





The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide