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West Attica





Αρβανίτικη Πολιτιστική Βραδιά στα Βίλια

Ομιλίες, Θέατρο, Τραγούδι, Μουσική

Ομιλητές: Πέτρος Φιλίππου - Αρχαιολόγος,
Αντιπεριφερειάρχης Αν. Αττικής

Μάχη Οικονόμου: Δρ Κοιν. Ανθρωπολογίας - Ακαδημίας Αθηνών

Συντονισμός: Έλενα Μπότση - Δρ Κοινωνιογλωσσολογίας

Αρβανίτικο Σκετς της Γιώτας Κατσαρού:

«Δύο Αρβανίτισσες μιας άλλης εποχής», Παίζουν:

Κούλα Καραΐσκου, Κική Μακρυνόρη

Αρβανίτικο Τραγούδι:

Κούλα Καραΐσκου, Ζηνοβία Μπότση, Βιβή Βάππα, Έλενα Μπότση

Μουσική & Τραγούδι:

Άρης Μακρυνόρης, Γιάννης Μεϊντάνης & Νίκος Χρονέας

Ξενοδοχείο ‘ΒΕΡΟΡΙ’ – Αίθουσα Εκδηλώσεων

Σάββατο, 22 Οκτωβρίου 2016, ώρα 8μ.μ.





About International Children's Festival


1.1. The main purpose of the festival is:

- Identification and presentation of children's creative teams and talented children to develop their abilities;

- To involve talented children to programs of international cooperation;

- Strengthening of friendly relations between Greece and the countries - participants of the Festival;

- The involvement of children leading figures of art and culture of the countries participating in the festival.

1.2. Objectives of the festival:

- The creation of a healthy competitive spirit and artistic groups of talented individuals;

- Promotion of various national schools;

- Establishment of creative contacts;

- Demonstration of skill;

- Search for new forms and improving old ones;

- Strengthening the friendly relations of children and youth;

- Introduce children to the history and culture of the host country;

- The physical health of children.

2. The founders of the festival

2.1. The founders of the festival are the state and public organizations at all levels, taking his goals and objectives, conducting financial, organizational, informational and intellectual support to the festival.

2.2. The founders of the festival, build their relations on the basis of this provision, organize Festival, determine the time and venue, program and procedure;

2.4. For the Festival and the realization of its main tasks, the founders created the Organizing Committee, which acts on the basis of the developed and approved by the Regulations;

2.5. Founders are entitled to advertise their activities during the festival (in accordance with applicable law), to recommend a member of the organizing committee and jury of their representatives to attend all festival activities, prizes and others argue.

3. The organizers of the festival

3.1. Organizer and coordinator of the international festival - competition is a public organization municipality of Aspropyrgos, Attica, Greece, whose activities are carried out in accordance with the approved Charter.

3.2. The Organizing Committee is available at: Greece, Attica, of Aspropyrgos, Fesi Psari,

ΤΘ9049 - ΤΚ 19300; E-mail:

3.3. The organizing committee of the festival is formed by the organizers.

3.4. Festival organizing committee reserves the right to add a number of events or modify the terms of their conduct, as well as in the case of force majeure to cancel the event.

4. Patronage and sponsor of the festival

4.1. Festival held under the patronage of the state and public organizations wishing to help the organizers to hold it.

4.2. To finance the organization and conduct of the festival founders attract sponsors: government agencies, associations, parents of participants of the Festival.

4.3. Sponsor of the festival can be a legal or natural person who made a contribution in cash or in another form: prizes, gifts, attributes, providing technical base, equipment for competitions, transportation, etc.

4.4. Sponsorship assistance is purposefully used for the program of activities of the festival. The number of sponsors of the festival, to provide financial and technical assistance is not limited.

4.5. Sponsors of the Festival can provide advertising and information support and implement with the help of the media coverage of the entire program of activities.

4.6. All aspects of the relationship sponsors and organizers decided through treaties (agreements) between the sponsor and organizer of the festival.

5. participants and guests.

5.1. To participate in the festival invites children's art groups: dance, as well as individual participants.

5.2. Guests of the festival can be parents, wishing to attend the festival and received the confirmation from the organizers of the festival.

5.3. The status of the guest of honor is given to representatives of agencies, sponsors, as well as prominent public figures and statesmen invited to the festival. Honored guest have free access to all events.

6. Organizational maintenance FESTIVAL

6.1. The festival organizers are developing regulations Festival, which includes:

- The category of the competition program and age group of participants of the festival;

- Evaluation criteria of the jury;

- The technical requirements for the Voice Recording;

- Requirements for organizations and individuals, delegating participants at the festival;

- Provisional program and the main activities of the festival.

6.2. Regulations issued separately for the festival and sent to the addresses apply to competitions and festivals.

6.3. Highlights of the festival in the media, which are pre-accredited by the festival's organizing committee.

6.4. The decision to transfer the right lighting (press, radio, television) made by the founders of the festival.

6.5. The organizers formed a competent jury according to nominations and provide the jury board and lodging.

6.6. All the contestants take part in the festival without restrictions.


  The main symbol of the festival is its logo, emblem, anthem and call sign.

8. Copyright

8.1. All materials (printed, audio, video, movies) created at the Festival founders consider their property, guided by the legislation on copyright and intellectual property.

8.2. Regulations Festival, its logo, symbols and call signs may be used only with the consent of its founders.


9.1. The winners are determined by the results of the competition.

9.2. All participants will be awarded "Diploma of participants of the festival."

9.3. The winners of the competition program receive the title of laureate and diploma winner of the festival and prizes.

9.4. The jury's decision is final and non-negotiable.

10. DETAILS organizers of the festival


Greece, Attica, Aspropyrgos

Thesi Psari, ΤΘ9049 - ΤΚ 193 00,Tel.+30-2105598587.





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