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«Once I close my eyes – you stand in front of me. Once I open my eyes – you float under my eyelashes» — it could be love confessions to the ancient, proud, hospitable, free Georgia. This country is known for its legendary hospitality, rugged beauty of mountain temples, unique dancing culture and unforgettable polyphony.
You can endlessly talk about beauties of Georgia, but you will never get to know this country in one trip, you may just get acquainted with Georgia. But this acquaintance will leave an indelibly-beautiful mark in your heart and all these memories about Georgia will beckon you to come back. That is why Fiestalonia with the support of the Mayor of Tbilisi is organizing an unforgettable festival-contest: Fiestalonia Georgia!
The main purpose of the festivals and contests that we organize is to provide a fair competition among creative groups and individual performers from all over the world along with the demonstration of art to the audience and also experience exchange among the group heads.
International competitions, held under the brand Fiestalonia contribute to the preservation and a popularization of national traditions, ethnic culture of different nationalities and the strengthening of international relations.

Dates of the event

25 – 30 October 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia.
24 – 29 October 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia.
23 – 28 October 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia.

How to take part in the contest?

To book a contest trip contact us at our Telephone: 0034 972 376550 / 0034 688 276248 After that we will refer you to the authorized tour operator in you country






On June 1-5, 2016, in Georgia, in Tbilisi and in the city of Batumi, there is going to be  held the International Festival "Peace Torch" dedicated to The International Dance Day (April 29).

In order to held  a high level of the festival there’s set up the organizing committee.

We begun preparations for the festival. The festival has been supported by Tbilisi City Hall, Batumi City Hall, the National Tourism Department, War Veterans’ Union, The Youth Department. We have a lot of  sponsors and donors.

The Festival "Peace Torch" was founded by the National Philharmonic Hall, Academy of Arts and Science (UNESCO-member CID) and Youth Cultural Center "Caucasus stars"

Some choreographic ensembles and studios, sections throughout the region are going to take part into the given festival.  Dozens of groups from abroad are also ready to get involved in the festival in the marathon.

The founders of the festival are going to get the membership of  CID  Organization, you have  already know us,  the presentation would take place during the festival. We would like to invite Sid-President and other high officials to Gala concert on June 4, to the dance parade.

The organizing committee is ready to send you all the regulations and other conditions in English, in case if you agree to. It is desirable to put the information on your website in order to make the number of participants of  the festival to be varied and interesting.

We would like you to support us in our festival, for SID-member ensembles from different countries to participate in, to make Georgia become  a vibrant, exciting and diverse representation of CID.

The festival organizing committee

Tovlia Mamforia

С уважением,
Tovli Mamforia

The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide