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Dear dancers and dance lovers,

On behalf of Let´s Dance Prague International Festival we would like to invite you to our special festival events:

When: Thursday - Sunday 28.- 31.7.2016
Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Let's Dance Prague International Festival is one of the largest festivals of its kind in Central Europe. Next to oriental dance the festival offers a large variety of other dance styles - such as samba, salsa, pole dance, ballet, zumba, tribal and many others.

Let´s celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Festival!

For further information please visit

We look forward to meeting you in Prague!

Kind regards,

Let´s Dance Prague International Festival Team



Tel.: 266 190 300


Organization for Folk Art Folklore            

11050 Belgrade, 23a Braće Srnića Str

Tel-faks +381-11-7472929mob +381-63-309312, e mail:

PIB 100133284, mb. 17205374 tek. Rn. 205-9462-26 kod Komercijalne banke AD Beograd


In cooperation with organizer of culture manifestation , we would like to offer to Your folk ensemble, choir, singing group participation at


                               Prague - Czech Republic  

                           17th till 20th of March 2016.

The aim of this gathering is to learn about different cultures and people, to create new friendships, to change experience and contacts with other groups.  


- the age and the number of participants in the group with companions are not limited

- necessary program till 15 min, accompanied by orchestra or with CD

17thof March - arrival in the afternoon, starting dinner

- 18th of March - free time for possible sightseeing

- 19th of March - performance (Saturday) during the day, according schedule (if will be changed

   date You will be informed) – after performance will be received diploma for participation

20th of March - departure in the morning, after breakfast

the accommodation will be in hotel**** in Prague in 1/3 rooms, with 3 half boards

(breakfast and dinner)

- travel costs from and back to the country of participating group is at charge of the group  

- in the case if the group doesn’t travel by bus, it is possible to arrange the bus for local transport,

at the cost of the group

- travel costs from and back to the country of participating group is at charge of the group  

- in the case if the group doesn’t travel by bus, it is possible to arrange the bus


Participation fee is:

75euro/person till 18 years old

79 euro/person over 18 years old

     In the price of participation fee is included:

the accommodation will be in hotel**** in Prague in 1/3 rooms

with 3 half boards (breakfast and dinner)

- 26. person is free (president-conductor and drivers are included in number of persons)

     The price of participation fee doesn’t include:

- for accommodation in ½ rooms, if would be free rooms, will be extra payment, 7 euro/person/daily

- organized sightseeing tour of Prague and by ship with local guide

- all kinds of drinks

If Your ensemble is interested in participation, please fill application form.

After You submit us application form and list of participants, we shall deliver You bank account

with instructions for payment.

We are looking forward to have good and successful cooperation and to meet Your ensemble.

If You need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.






Prague Festival 2015
The International Folk - Dance Festival “Prague 2015” will be held for the 1st time in Prague, Czech Republic during the period from 30th March till 02nd of April 2015.


 Dancer inside Prague - Photography

Prague, April 30th, 2014

We would like to inform you that the National Theatre and the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague

realized a joint project titled DANCER INSIDE PRAGUE. It is an exhibition of photographs by the italian photographer Simone Ghera, capturing the everyday work of the Czech National Ballet,

which will be displayed in the Baroque Chapel of the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague.

At the gala opening on May 5th 2014, several dance performances will be given by the company, headed by the Czech National Ballet soloists.

You are cordially invited to the opening (see invitation enclosed)

Simone Ghera


CZ mobile: +420-723.264.778 (from May 3rd)



The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide