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International dance competition

          3.rd Island dance competition Croatia-Malinska-Islan Krk

Sports hall Bogovići ,Stpkino 7

         07.-09.June 2019     


  • Diplomas, medals, cups
  • Scholarships,Voucher for free fee workshop and competition,cash prizes



For all information regarding the competition you can contact us at

Through the organization you can book accommodation in hotels and apartments.

Contact us for accommodation via

Accommodation on three nights with half board starting from 24 € per person per night.





The Abyss

Dramatic - Dance Project The Abyss

Premiere 01.12.2018. 8 p.m.

Rerun 02.12.2018. 8 p.m.

Youth Center Ribnjak, Park Ribnjak 1, Zagreb, Croatia

Dramatic dance project based on autobiographical elements and literary work Ulderiko Donadini one of the first representatives of Croatian expressionistism in writing.

With a coloristic perspective and faucetic color contrasts, a rhythmic alignment of lines is built and human drama is expressed through the face and body of the dancer and through the entire structure of the image. Fiction and irrational, lyrical impressionism, grotesque expressionistism and realistic storytelling are merged into seeking explanation of the defeat which finds shelter in diabolical irony.

Imitating the movement performers take shape of the sculptures and with the sensation and symbolism they transfer them from the fading structure of the picture through the dynamism of associating music, words and movement into a living state, clustering space, time, performers, scenographic costumes and viewers in one time, thought, a whole of experience. The forms of sculpture are in function with the psychological states of a contemporary man who seeks the identity and reasons of his past, present and future, revealing the aspiration for true values, for the place of peace and holiness. Through a simple, natural and honest visual sensory experience, the sculptures all connect, inspire, paint and express the inner and outer worlds, they convey the symbolism of the abyss.

A door leading to the infinite abyss, the metaphorical meaning of the bottom without the bottom, is not the place but the state of mind and life opportunities, does not mean the ending of nothing, no retreat or departure, life is the only real thing that is happening. The abyss is open and we all walk around it, sometimes closer, sometimes further, and sometimes we go astray and lose ourselves in it because the abyss has a myriad of ways to get lost in his labyrinth. Abyss is a mix of real and illusory. When we lose awareness of that line, he has taken over.

Tatjana Rupcich

Authors: Ana Maria Bogdanović, Tatjana Rupcich, Maro Martinović

Choreographers : Ana Maria Bogdanović, Tatjana Rupcich

Performers : Maro Martinović, Ana Maria Bogdanović, Lara Frgačić, Nika Sarajlija, Anja Krušelj

Costume designer: Milena Jurmić

Design of light: Marko Crnčević

Music : Lisa Gerrard, Alef, Jacob Gurevitsch, Marcin Patrzalek

Scenography : Opus Ivo Friščić silkscreening serigraph 1988, Putositnice folder serigraph in combined technique of silkscreening and pastel in 1987.

Used quotes and texts: Branimir Donat, Ivica Matičević, Cvjetko Milanja i Dubravka Miletić, Mate Ujević

Photography: Nina Đurđević

Poster design: Ivan Marečić

PR Kristina Krtanjek

Production :

Puls Dance Center in collaboration with the Youth Center Ribnjak- (scenaribnjak)

The project was realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb.




two performances - 17.00h and 19.30h

Ul. Božidara Magovca 17, Zagreb

Children's dance performance

Idea for this performance came from a modern version of the classic children's story Baba Yaga and Zaborav giant, written by Roman Simić, one of the croatian most awording author.

Inspiration was found in dress motives, colour symbolism and repetitive elements of the story.

With a contemporary version we are given a new insight in rethinking and recreating a completely different Baba Yaga. It challenged us to be creative in shifting and transforming emotions and characters, but in all that creative process still keep the story. And here it is, our Baba Yaga defying Zaborav giant, in pursuit for the most precious dresses: youth, maturity and old age.

Tatjana Rupcich

collaboration: Kulturni centar Travno

author: Tatjana Rupcich

production: Umjetnička organizacija PS Svjetlost u pokretu

choreographers / pedagogues: Tatjana Rupcich, Laura Markas, Vea Turkalj, Lara Krušelj,

                                       Ena Bogut

Baba Yaga: Laura Markas; white dress: Vea Turkalj; red dress: Nina Torma; black dress: Emilija Hađar; puppet: Darija Horvatinčić; Zaborav giant: Danea Obratov

scenography: Božena Hlupić, Anre Michell Jovanović , Tatjana Rupcich;

costume: Milena Jurmić; photography: Anita Nadj, Goran Maller, Tatjana Rupcich; music selection: Tatjana Rupcich

design and design of light: Tomislav Maglečić; audio and video editing: Tomislav Brđanović; video: Tomislav Brđanović; poster design: Ivan Marečić

Special thanks goes to author of the story Roman Simić for his unconditional help in our work. Also thanks to director of Museum of Arts and Crafts Miroslav Gašparović, and directors of Botanical garden Faculty of Science University of Zagreb dr. sc. Vanja Stamenković and Biserki Jurčetić, as well as all employees of these institutions.


Flayer Zagreb folk fest 2017

Poštovani kolege dragi plesači 
obavještavamo Vas da se 
III.Bravo Dance Festival 




The CID Panorama
a program of the
International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide