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Merry Christmas readers! Although December is such a busy month, make sure to take some time out for yourself to be inspired and informed about all the exciting happenings in our dance industry. Check out this month's Dance Informa magazine, and make sure to get your tickets to Victorian Dance Festival, coming up soon in the New Year. 

Have a blessed, fun-filled, memory-making Christmas and New Year's!
Love the Dance Informa team.

Summer Dance Guide: Where will you dance this summer?
Summer holidays are just around the corner and we cannot wait! Sun, surf, fun and extra time for dance! If you’ve never been to a summer intensive, now’s the year to start! Click here to see some of Australia’s finest Summer Dance Schools.

Queensland Ballet’s Mia Heathcote is officially a soloist!
Melbourne-born dancer Mia Heathcote, who joined Queensland Ballet in January 2014, was surprised at a curtain call of Peter Pan, during which Artistic Director Li Cunxin announced her promotion to soloist in front of the audience. Here, she talks about her exciting new role.

Misty Lown returns to Australia to teach at VDF
The Energetiks Victorian Dance Festival (VDF) continues to roll out exciting instructor announcements. One of the latest is American entrepreneur Misty Lown, who will be a Keynote Speaker for VDF Teachers Day on Friday, February 16, 2018. Hear from Misty here.

An ode to dance teachers: We are forever grateful
Dance teachers give, give, give. They share their knowledge, passion and joy, which becomes not only necessary as we grow technically as dancers but also becomes contagious, as dance becomes such a huge part of our lives. Here are just a few reasons why we are forever grateful for our dance teachers.

Pointe shoes: Will they always hurt??
You waited all this time, took the required amount of classes, worked extra hard on your ballet technique and were finally approved by your teacher for pointe. How exciting! But then…ouch. While it’s certainly thrilling to get your first pair of pointe shoes, they may not be the most comfortable things you’ve put on your feet. But will pointe shoes always hurt? Can dancing en pointe become pain-free?



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