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  • Romania
     Bucureşti B Educaţia coregrafică în România Trecut - Prezent - Viitor Lector univ.dr. Simona Şomăcescu, UNATC I.L.Caragiale sâmbătă,19 mai 2018, de la ora 12:00       4th edition of ALT Concurs National de Coregrafie, a Romanian...
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  • Sweden
    Sweden   Sweden comprehensively   Stockholms...
  • Italy
  • Sample Data-Articles
    Sveti Vlas   We are inviting you to the International Festival of Arts „Morning Star”,which is taking place in some of the most beautiful Bulgarian resorts - summer in the sea resorts Albena and Sunny Beach and winter in Bansko. The festival is one of the leading and most...

The CID Panorama
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International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance world wide